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Our products are 3D printed using the Fused deposition modeling technique, which enables our products to be Environment friendly along with ensuring great accuracy and precision. Our motto is to say NO to metallic & glass products and YES to non-metallic, non-toxic and Bio products to contribute in lesser degradation of our planet earth.


We all love to decorate our homes, and this sense is more common among women. There are thousands of methods to come up with decorations for our homes. In the whole process for decoration products, raw material remains the same; recyclable and biodegradable plastic is not harmful to us or the planet earth. 


One of the top demands of every woman is jewelry. These items always keep changing. We are keeping ourselves updated as per the trend and are looking to bring you the most exciting and latest jewelry pieces. Along with the other jewelry items, our top products are ear rings.


Our company is looking to touch the lives of everyone and make them our customers. That includes children as well. Thousands of toys are available for children in the market, but they are not non-toxic and child-friendly.


If you are operating industry, you will need prototypes every few months. Unlike the other sellers on the web, we do not limit ourselves to jewelry, kids’ toys and decoration items. We are providing industrial prototypes as well and we can come up with unique designs for you.

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All products, manufactured by 3DeezCraft, are/will be made with Recyclable and Biodegradable plastics, with their raw material extracted from Corn Starch.

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Despite our taking care for earth attitude, what matters the most is the details of our products. That is why you are here on our website. As we mentioned in the company introduction, all our products are made by using recyclable material to somehow contribute to the earth. 

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